1Malaysia frenzy

I went to Maybank today with mum to buy some 1Malaysia fund units. What really makes me wonder is just how much money Kuching people have. Since 8.00a.m. people have been queuing  up! When we reached there, there were already more than 50 people in front of us, patiently waiting for the bank to open.

Some even brought small stools to sit and read newspapers while waiting. Talk about time management. :P

When the doors opened, people rushed in like they were going after some free cash inside the bank. Heck, Maybank people should have yelled “Free money! Free money!” to make it even crazier.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I stood and waited for two and a half hours before everything is done.

Today I received a letter from KTT and it says I have to attend some sort of convocation ceremony on 18th August.

My first reaction was of utter horror and disbelief. I just bought AirAsia tickets for 18th August. The ceremony is scheduled to be in the morning, my flight is at 10 something in the morning. By the time I get there people would be already leaving.

Okay, that is point number 1. Point number 2: ceremony is for mainly Diploma students but it says A-Levels people for 2008 July intake also has to attend. For what reason, no idea.

Point number 3. All male have to wear “Baju kot/lounge suit warna gelap, kasut warna gelap.” I have to shell out another 300 bucks for this?

Point number 4. Kehadiran diwajibkan. Heck yeah, sponsor my air tickets and I would certainly go.

I really feel like going on and on and pouring out scores of rude, obscene words but let us just leave it at that.

Hmm. I have to ask whether the others are going or not.

UPDATE: I sent an SMS to Pn. Salina, she said A-Levels people are invited but it is up to us to decide. I called Pn. Azian who is in charge, and she said the same thing. What a great relief, best news I have heard in days.

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