Bluek.. exam in 3 days. OMGWTFBBQ feel like no matter how hard I study, nothing is getting in. Probably because all the stuff is almost similar to the things we learnt in Form 5.

Sien. Life in KTT is slowly becoming a routine for me. Eat, sleep, pang sai, study, eat, sleep, pang sai, study.. Looking forward to getting out of here when mid-sem exam is over. We’re going to Mid-Valley. Hell yeah 8D … but then speaking of which, our allowance still haven’t been credited into the bank account.. JPA super slow.. people here no more money liao weih..

After mid-sem, class resumes for 3 weeks before the Pre-AS exam.. WTF? This is indeed a super-accelerated program. The word is fast becoming a phrase and is integrating itself into our lexicon. Like how our Physics lecturer, Mr.Zaini says it in his distinctive style and booming voice: ” You cannot afford to fool around.. You are in a super-accelerated program. 1 year will pass by very quickly and everything is super fast. ” o.O no need rub it in lah weih..

Sigh. I really need a laptop. Sometimes I have questions regarding studies of which the answers cannot be found in any reference books.. Need to go search in Internet. But then comlab here is like kanasai.. Internet super slow.. worse than Slowmyx.. The PC is like something out of the Stone Age. Plus mana ada time come comlab just to search for answers? People have better stuff to do la.. Aduh.. I see a friend, he study very high tech one.. laptop one side, book one side, then occasionally type in laptop search for answers.. No wonder his SPM 15A1 and is one of Brand’s High Achievers’ Award recipient.. walao..

Speaking of which, I feel very stupid le being here. Everybody is like super freakin’ genius and super freakin’ hardworking.. Average study hours daily? 5 hours minimum. Average sleep time? 5 hours. OMG these people are like robots.. no need sleep, no need eat, no need pang sai, no social life. Everything is just study study study. Walao.. okay I might be exaggerating. Then again the people here ( I mean the JPA scholars la of course) are really chiong-ing.. not even exam season. I like this kind of dilligent culture though. Far better compared to the outsiders diploma students.. kanasai la.. Why open up diploma programmes for these people.. haih.

I miss Sarawak laksa.. gahhh…

That’s all for now.. nothing more to crap about..

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