Antigen receptors

Today during Physiology lecture, I had some sort of revelation when we learned about immune system of the human body.

See, contrary to what many people would think, the body ALREADY has millions of different antigen receptors before birth. It was as if a special safety wall was already built to shield us from harmful albeit common diseases of the world, even before we are born. So when the multitude of bacteria or viruses invade the body, they get recognized and destroyed to prevent us from falling sick.

If that does not point to a Creator, I do not know what will.

How else could you explain how the human body is able to genetically code for such a huge amount of antigen receptors that specifically targets different antigens that already exists naturally? That being said, during our lifetime, we do not encounter all of those antigens so perhaps hundreds of thousands of those lymphocyte clones were not activated at all at our death. But still, it is amazing how the human genome contains genetic codes for such a huge amount of antigen receptors that protect us from harm, in default. It is as if someone had the wisdom to prepare beforehand some kind of protective bubble for our fragile physical bodies to shield us from all those harmful microorganisms.

Even if you throw the theory of evolution at me, saying that forces of evolution has ultimately led to what we see today, well I still do not really buy that. Evolution is still a theory anyway, there is not concrete proof that human descended from apes. And suppose that human did evolve from apes, it would not explain how the genetic codes for the antigen receptor proteins arose. Random mutation and selection pressure would have taken billions of years to form millions of antigen receptor variants, which is what we have today.

Anyway.. just some ranting.. feel free to comment! =D

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