– 2019 Recap

As 2019 draws to a close, I’m compelled to figure out what to do with my blog. It has been gathering dust with me constantly battling the dilemma of thinking of topics to write about and letting procrastination win in the end.

My biggest obstacle to growing the blog’s content is my lack of discipline to stick to a schedule, and the crippling fear of my inability to write something enjoyable. Looking back at the articles I’ve produced, it’s mostly hit and miss, with certain types of content generating engagement and others not so much.

2019 has been a great year for me. So many things happened and I feel like I should write a post or two as a way to process all the major events that happened in my life:

  • I got married in September. Yay!
  • I started a company and joined an accelerator program for startups.

The 2 events alone took up so much of my time that there was barely any left for me to pursue other things. 2019 performance

Over the last 12 months, the blog has generated enough interest to attract about 4000 visits, averaging about 300 visitors monthly. Not too shabby, considering I barely spend time putting up content.

Gotta do something about that average position though

The top topics that attracted a lot of interest were curiously about quitting housemanship.

Ain’t nobody wanna be doctors anymoe

Not surprising – it’s a brutal profession after all. I wrote about quitting housemanship here & here. With the recent announcement from the government that critical allowance would be cut, it’s really a tough time for junior doctors to continue in this profession. But that’s a story for another time. p.s. I transferred the blog posts to another domain.

2 of my previous posts on money-related matters, specifically on P2P lending, actually generated money for me. I stopped producing content related to them and traffic dropped. My article on Fundaztic actually brought in RM500 referral fees in total! But I forgot to use RM150 worth of the invitation bonus and they expired. GAH! Stupid of me, free money burned 🙁

I let 3 vouchers expire.. No..

The other articles that attracted lots of views were about how to register a business in Sarawak, and my interview with Dr Victor Gan who’s a doctor cum property investor.

What’s next for

Anyway, I feel like 2020 holds a lot of potential for me to pivot and really focus on writing about what I’m passionate about: personal finance. I feel strongly about money matters and have learned a lot through the years, so it’s only natural I share what I learned so far.

Why am I posting this publicly? So it’ll actually make me accountable to my readers and force me to be more disciplined to create ever more useful content that resonate with you.

Thank you for being a loyal reader. If you have any ideas you want me to explore, feel free to drop a comment! Happy new year!

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