Old Wreckage

Gnawing in my heart

There is a gnawing in my heart, A tortuous pain it begins to start; A sense of unfulfilled longing it brings, The likes of which consumes my being; How long, O Lord, before you end this pain? In the end, pray tell, what could I gain?

Where am I

It has almost been 2 months since the devastating news. All through this time my mum has been a great source of comfort. Her wisdom and comforting encouragement helped me to regain my feet every time I crumble down into a heap of misery. Where am I now? Am I better? I do not know. …

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..and healing

Pain.. and healing. They come together, don’t they? I am not pretending that everything is fine. Life sometimes just isn’t. And sometimes there can be people who appear in your life, on whom you briefly admired and poured affection on, just to fill that empty void, though knowing full well it’s just a rebound effect …

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Pain. A word that describes a feeling that can neither be dulled nor sharpened. It is, to some people, an experience of life. For me, pain had always been a big part of my life. And I suspect it will continue to be. I think God uses pain to mold me into the person He …

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Last week had been such a fun week. I signed up for the winter skiing course and went to Poc ped Snezkou with some friends, along with a whole busload of Czech students. The place is 3 hours from Prague by bus, and the town is cradled on all sides by the mountain ranges bordering …

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