Child-like faith

Often times, it is really hard to get a grip on reality. You would wish the problems could all just go away.

I had that kind of feeling. When I became a Christian, that feeling was replaced with a sense of belonging, a sense of relief. Relief that you know even if the hardship is very difficult and you are up to your neck in problems, you know there is someone who is watching over you.

I really hold strong to the belief that God does not test us more than what we could bear. More often than not, my own faith comes through countless convictions that God indeed listens. The only thing I hope and pray for is for my faith to become more child-like. Instead of becoming more mature and older, I want to become ever more faithful and joyful of what and who God is. The faith that embodies trust in all situations, even in difficult ones, is the one I strive for.

The only way to let God into your heart is to confess that you are a mere mortal, and that you could not deal with everything on your own. And what gives greater joy than to know that God will always be there to help. It takes a lot to defeat pride, to relinquish the sense of control in our lives to some entity you cannot see.

I learned that I was not listening when I struggled within the first few months of me becoming a Christian. I shouted, “God, where are You?” I wanted to give up. Then a phrase from a movie struck me. I learned that it was not because God did not say anything, it was because I did not stay still enough to hear him.

So every time I fret, worry, or despair, I remember this. And I stay still.

Child-like faith means to let yourself become like a rock, leaping through the air and falling down, letting yourself spiral out of control. You are a rock, what can you possibly do to prevent your impending doom? Nothing. But you can pray and take heart in the knowledge that God is down there waiting to catch you with a gigantic trampoline.

When life gets tough, it is one thing to say “have faith” and another to actually do it. But for me, I say “have faith” then I jump.

Like a rock.

Then I pray, like a child, that there is a gigantic trampoline down there, sewn by God’s hand waiting for me.

This post is dedicated to you, my friend. I know you know I mean you. Yes you. =)

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