Cleared the final hurdle

The old Sony Ericsson J230i rang with vigour. A new message, I thought. Then it hit me, gosh, not now. I am still not ready yet.

With a heavy heart I walked towards it and picked it up. New message from Evon. Hmmm. Pressed ‘read’. “Checked yours?” Two simple words that sent my heart into an adrenaline-stimulated blood-pumping frantic organ that seemed to scream for a relieve by exploding.

Slowly I picked up my other phone, the ancient Nokia and dialled KTT’s number.

Then I put down the phone. All of a sudden, the world seemed a little bit brighter.

I used to spend time, wondering whether the time will come or nay. Either way, everything still depended on us passing the A2 exam, even though we have got our placements at the universities. Apparently many people scored perfect score of 15, way better than our AS.

With the final hurdle cleared, we are ready to fly. Now, it seems, all of us can proudly hold our heads high in the air and say “Czech Republic, here we come.”

Oh boy, I have been waiting for ages to say that. Thank you Lord.

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