Dull celebration

This year’s celebration was really boring. Dull, without life and mundane. I think that is probably because my family is not celebrating Chinese New Year anyway.

I have been spending quite a tidy sum of money to develop my newest project, of which is the latest to come online. Seems like I have had quite a lot of abandoned or ruined projects so far but I doubt this one will go down the drain like the rest did. Speaking of which, I think I seriously need money. I realise I can really spend like there is no tomorrow, which is of course, a terrible thing to dawn upon.

The past few days have been spent idling at home, practically sitting in front of the computer and clinging on the web like a spider, as Yu Xin puts it. We did not really go out much, save for the time when I went to my dear old friend and best mate’s house – JJ. He really grew taller. I am anticipating tomorrow’s outing. It should be fun, what with the meeting up with old friends and house visiting plans. It had better be good, or else my holiday this time would end up just like how it ended for my last holiday – dull, bored, tired and mundane.

Speaking of which, I realised more than ever that I really want a camera. Looking around my blog I came to conclude that it needs more life and is really dull. A little bit more pictures and photos should do it good.

I realised I have been repeating the word ‘dull’ for many times. What a dull person I am.

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