Effective Living

I have been reading “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey during the past 2 weeks. What is really striking is the way he puts forth the principles. I find them to be so true and timeless.

I think one of the most important thing I have learned so far is not to be reactive. Does it ever occur to you that a lot of us resign to life’s tribulations, blaming this and that and refusing to take responsibility? Or rather, giving up and living the life as how the situation or circumstance dictates?

I learned that when people or situation hurts you, you can choose to say NO and say to yourself, “I can choose my own response”. Most of the time people respond by “If it weren’t that person..” or “The situation is hopeless..” or “I can’t do this, I’ve tried so many times..”

So instead of responding blithely, we should instead be proactive and not be reactive to life’s difficulties. One should look for ways to focus on what he or she can improve. The saying goes, “Keep moving forward” and I cannot agree more. Instead of blaming the situation, or blaming oneself, the person should take responsibility and be courageous to march forward.

To be responsible for your life means to be “response-able”. Being responsible means able to respond to life’s challenges. It means being able to choose after getting a stimulus, and not act in a predetermined scripted way and resulting in a much-anticipated consequence.

So the next time you are hurt, or you are frustrated or desperate or lost or down, remember:

You can CHOOSE your response.

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