End of Another Year

I cannot believe it’s already the end of 2017, and even more perplexed to find myself struggling to remember what has happened for the past year. Everything seems to be a blur, a life lived as though I wasn’t in control, a life in which things happened before I could comprehend the full magnitude of it all.

All I know is, I have more or less settled into life as a HO in this hospital. The daily grind, the exhaustion, the toxic people I deal with daily at work – all these things have definitely changed me, and I hope for the better. Things don’t seem as difficult as when I first started. I guess that’s what they mean by grit – the more you put yourself into uncomfortable territories, the more you grow and adapt. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, what matters is just turning up and getting shit done.

Then there was another life-changing event that happened right at the beginning of the year that seemed to throw a wrench into everything. Yet I know I walked away from it a changed man who has a different worldview now. Alas, life is never a fairy tale. Yet there’s always a silver lining in everything, and when things seem to be darkest, that’s when the slightest sliver of light becomes a ray of life-giving sunshine.

That being said, 2018 represents a new beginning, a chance to wash away all the filth and start on a clean slate. It also represents a major fork in my journey in life since I have to make a career pathway decision pretty soon.

Here’s to another great year, and hopefully it won’t be another blurry, forgettable one. Happy new year folks.

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