Exams, exams..

Passed my Histology exam last week. My examiner was Professor Martinek (luckily). I got relatively easy questions, thank God. We had a good discussion session, and all the questions that I could not answer were those that are not in the syllabus. So thankfully, I think I did my best. Got a very satisfactory mark and the best thing was that Professor Martinek gave this comment:

“You are very good. You can consider becoming a tutor next year. You can find the information on the website and apply with Doctor Becke.”

=D thank you, Lord.

I hope I can do better in Anatomy. So far, my progress is really slow and I am kinda screwed if I continue at this pace. Lots of questions to cover. 10 more days to cover 180 questions. Oh God.

But I just want to glorify Him and let my parents be proud, so I will try my best.

I want to be able to go home, hug my parents and let them know that their son has finished 1st year of medicine successfully.

God, lend me Your strength. =)

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