Happy Lunar New Year!

I know, it is a tad too late to say it. It is the Year of the Ox. What does it bring? I am no Chinese master nor a have any professional interest in Chinese horoscope predictions, therefore I do not know what will happen in the coming year. Apparently, some say it will be a good year, since the element is Earth and it means stability and relates to recovering and healing periods. From the perspective of economy, the prospect will still be not so attractive and many expect the stock market to be weak and will not regain momentum until the year is over.

My New Year Eve was spent at Grandpa’s house, where we usually have dinner then. It has been a tradition as long as I can remember. Then came the part where the adults would play cards and gamble, whereas the aunts would gather and chat. That was the time I would sit nearby and listen. Sometimes they have such interesting things to talk about. We went home before midnight to catch the unofficial annual fireworks show. Every year people would buy stockpiles of fireworks and burn them at midnight on New Year Eve to celebrate the coming of the first day of Lunar New Year. Sometimes, the sight is spectacular and it really amazes me how the fact that living in Kuching is a lucky thing. There is no restriction on fireworks and even if there is, people would simply find ways to get past them. So, we never fail to enjoy mesmerising lights and colours lighting up the dark inky sky every year. At times it would even feel like pandemonium because there are simply to many explosions simultaneously. That would be when we could not even hear each other and it would feel like a war zone, what with the explosions and lights and all. Nevertheless, it was awesome, as always.

Even so, somehow I feel that the celebration this year is not as grand and exciting as it had been in the previous years. Maybe the bleak outlook of the economy has something to do with it. People would then just find excuses and say “Market not good larr..” in order to cut down on expenses. There is less noise, less festive atmosphere and less excitement in the air.

To think that the celebration this year would probably be my last one in Malaysia before I go to Czech Republic is a sad statement itself. I am sure we can at least come back for a week but I doubt that the period will be free. It is not possible that there would not be any lectures going on then. Not too sure about it, that is why my former teacher is arranging for me to meet up with one of his former students who is currently studying medicine there too. I am going to ask him about it then.

I recently had this sudden passion about wanting to earn a dime online. Went to search high and low for opportunities but I find that all either need time, money or both. Seems like I will not get serious about it, not until I finish my A-levels first.

Oh well. Here ends my ranting.

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