Feels really good to be back. They say home is where the heart is, and I am obliged to agree. What more with the sumptuous food. I have been really free lately. Nothing to do at home. My daily routine lets me have more free time, too much free time that I in fact do not know what to do.

A lot of my close friends have left for university. So it gets worse in the afternoons when I am alone at home. The Internet is my only lifeline. I would go restless when the Internet speed suddenly drops and becomes almost non-existent. Speaking of which, after almost 1 year of surfing speeds in excess of 8Mbps, coming back here feels like Malaysia is some Stone Age country in terms of Internet availability and speed. TM should really buck up. =.=” then again my home is still on the 512Kbps plan.

512Kbps = omg. 8Bps = OMG on the other end of the spectrum.

Anyway, going to KL soon. Cannot wait to see my siblings, and I really miss PJ. I like the place, and I have no idea why. Maybe it is because of the fond memories of my sister driving me around and trying all the kopitiam there. *drool*

And really excited to see how our new condo apartment looks like. =D

Just like that, a month has flew past and it felt like only a week. Why does time go by at an exponential rate ==”

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