How Has Covid-19 Changed the Medical Profession?

My personal observations:

It used to be that doctors need to attend conferences, seminars and so on to get their annual CPD points in order to renew their license to practice. These were expensive and require travelling.Now, everything is held using webinars.

Nowadays, even hospital meetings are conducted using webinar software. Working from home is suddenly an option and allows healthcare workers much more flexibility without compromising productivity.

Telemedicine, i.e. virtual consultation with doctors, gained a much wider acceptance. Prescriptions can now be filled online and medications sent to your doorstep. These new developments gives much-needed convenience for those with chronic conditions.

Just 5 months ago, all these were foreign concepts. But now, the trend has started and I foresee it won’t slow down anytime soon. That being said, all these are actually pretty common in more developed countries.

I’m excited with what the future brings, especially in terms of digital health.It took a pandemic to get the medical profession to adapt quickly with the changing times. Like a massive tsunami, the Covid-19 has changed how we live and work.

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