I hate complete strangers on Facebook who sends friend requests

I may not know about you, but personally I find them annoying, pesky and downright a thorn in the flesh. Or a pain in the bum. Whichever you choose.

For me, privacy is an integral part of my life. If I choose not to add people I do not know, it is my choice. I hate people, complete strangers, whom I know nothing about, coming up to me in social networking sites and say “hey let’s be friends add me pweez.” To that I say go jump off a bridge, I do not even know you.

I only add personal friends I know in Facebook. Keeps the interface clean and simple. No more stupid updates from vague acquaintances. I just went and deleted like two dozen contacts whom I regard as no more than annoying additions to my Facebook-ing experience.

And what a relief it was to slam the door in their faces.

What would you feel when someone adds you just for fun? At first it might seem okay, there is no harm done right? Yet after some time it gets annoying. You get updates from people you barely know. I really, really despise that.

So yeah. Goodbye strangers.

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