I survived 2nd year!

Finally, second year of medicine is over.. Seriously thank God for helping me through it all. Really grateful for support from friends and family. Looking back, I realised I should have tried harder, especially for the exams. They were not bad, but I could have done better to glorify God.. *sigh* oh well, but still, praise the Lord indeed! It is so amazing, especially how I thought I would fail for the Biochemistry exam but still passed..

I am still stuck in Prague, unable to go home. Not that I am complaining or anything, I guess the homesick feeling has already dissipated long ago. Have to do summer clerkship for 4 days next week, so I am free this whole week. Wondering what to do..

Anyway, went to Zizkov in Pisek region in Southern Bohemia the other day. It was a really beautiful place. Awesome time and fellowship with close friends.

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