Keep moving forward

Pangs of sadness filled my heart as I learned today that 2 of my former comrades and brothers-in-arms did not make it to second year. As fellow friend, what possibly can I do to alleviate their anguish? As I contemplate, I realised that nothing we could say could soothe their sadness.

If you have ever experienced the kind of feeling, then you would know how hard it feels. To have experienced so much together – all the times shared in joy and in sorrow, all the times we fooled around and played and tackled and laughed until our tears came out – those moments could never be replaced nor captured, they could only be stored as treasured memories in our hearts.

All I could possibly do now is pray, that the people with authority have mercy on them and grant them a chance to repeat.. At the very least, I really hope that our sponsor will at least continue to fund them to study locally.

In retrospect, a lot of people disagree with the exam system, which is specifically designed to “kill off” students. It is unfair and cruel to say the least. Then again, we have chosen this path, so in the end, all we could do is keep moving forward. Like soldiers in heat of a firefight – you cannot stop or slow down when your comrade is hit, all you could do is keep charging and gain victory over the enemy.

In times like this, I can only look to God and praise His glory, because in our weakness His strength is made perfect.

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