Last paper to go

Final paper on Monday. After that it is sheer paradise and bliss.

I find it hard to believe that our A-Level programme has finally come to an end. Like how my friend puts it, “Apparently A-Level is over.” He said that in such a casual and humorous way that it hit us smack in the head of how time flies. To think that the memories of orientation week, the numerous birthday parties, the times we spent together goofing around, they all seem like yesterday’s events or just happened last week.

The exam atmosphere dissipated right after our most difficult day of having two Paper 4 for 2 subjects. After that it seems that everybody is taking time and things are beginning to feel a little laid back. I had a terrible bout of fever that would not go away for more than a week. Thank God it did not really affect me during the exam period. It was tough, really, juggling between revision and deciding which subject to study first, all the while struggling to endure the crippling effect of fever, cough and neck pain.

We are planning to have a long trip that includes travelling all the way to Penang and back, and then going to Kota Kinabalu again for another round of vacation before heading back to home. Got everything settled already, I am eager for the exam to end. There are so many stuff that I plan to do: updating my blog, uploading pictures (a whole 4GB pendrive of them), catching up with friends. Ah yes. I am so going to rock Kuching when I get back. Hell yeah.

Wait. I just remembered we have a BTN course before everything ends. Ah bugger. It is not going to be fun, that thing. From what we heard and gleaned from the seniors, it is pure mental torture and tests your patience as a non-Bumi thoroughly. Bleargh.

Then again, what is new eh? I suppose it will not be THAT hard.

Gotta revise my last paper. Ciao.

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