Living like how we are called to live

These few days, I gained new perspective as events unraveled around me. I have always regretted and strove to be a better Christian to show God’s glory and love towards others, and somehow I always fail. In a short period of few days, I learned that I really am nothing without God, just a weak human being who is lost.

Sometimes, I wonder whether what I have done, how I behave and talk truly reflects the change in my life. Whoever is in Christ is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come. Yet personally, when I look back, I regret to say that I still live like my old self. I regret that all the times and decisions that could have been more Godly were wasted. I still am selfish, self-centered and filled with negative feelings sometimes.

Have I touched others? Have I been a good influence since becoming a follower of Christ? Have I shown love and poured care, concern and boundless love for others as how I am called to live? I know I failed miserably in a lot of those aspects. Many times, I could not control my emotions and thoughts, and my judgement became blurred.

I regret all those times I lost my temperance and raised my voice, all those times wasted on earthly concerns,all those times wasted on being lazy and unproductive. I looked back and realised, gosh, two years have passed, and I still am not really living the blessed life I have been given. I really need to stop being lost and adrift, because I know God lends me His strength, if only I pray for it and use it wisely.

I really hope I can start living this blessed life meaningfully and fruitfully, to bear the fruits of the spirit, to show boundless love for my neighbours, to be the best I can be for His glory, to be His light and salt on Earth and be a part of Christ’s ministry. I refuse to waste my life living like this any longer, I really need to burn bright for God.

I learned the true meaning of forgiveness. Recently I learned that it is something so precious that we always take for granted. We sinned and yet God forgives. I have taken it for granted, now I must not forget it.

I realised that I became a Christian because I refused to live my life without an aim. Somewhere along the way, I forgot why I chose to trust God. I am really grateful because He reminded me of His love so powerfully these few days. I pray I can be a true disciple of Christ, to be an encouragement and to never be let down by life, because God is always with us.

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