Lord, I am tired

Sometimes, I wonder why God makes us go through difficulties in life and makes life hell and unbearable. I am sure it is all for a good reason, and that He loves us very much. Seeing others struggle with stuff is painful, though, especially if you cannot do anything about it.

Sometimes, we expect God to just magically solve our problems. We expect every problem that we lift up to Him will be solved immediately and according to our whims and desires. No, God does things in His own ways. Above all, He does it for our good, and He already knew what we need and what we want even before we asked for it. God does not give physical things for our pleasure on Earth, but as tools in our efforts for His glory. God does not bless relationships so that we can flaunt or take pleasure from them, but so that we can remember that relationship is a gift from Him and our relationship with God must be right in the first place.

God presents opportunities, not physical concrete solutions that we can touch. He makes things happen, He sets in motion the wheels of time and destiny so that we can make the right decisions at the right time, at the right place and with the right people, exactly as He planned it.

Right now, I am just so tired emotionally. Just pray that God comforts and refreshes my spirit.

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