My interest is so different

Ask any typical 18 or 19 year old what his or her interests are, I bet 99.99% will not have the same interest that I have. Typical and normal people at my age do not have the slightest idea that people can make money off the Internet. Most use the Internet for social and Web 1.0 purposes, for example: checking e-mails, forwarding the occasional humorous ones and basically just doing a bit of surfing.

The more tech-savvy ones will tend to gravitate towards social networking sites. Facebook and Myspace has become the norm, and if you do not have an Facebook account, suddenly you seem so Stone Age.

Even less know the existence of various Web 2.o tools and I can say that all of those I know do not use them. These include sites like StumbleUpon and Digg. They do not even use RSS feeds. I think this can be due to the fact that only a small insignificant proportion of the 18-19 year old species own a blog or read blogs. Even if one were to blog regularly, it does not guarantee he or she knows how to use RSS feeds or RSS readers to keep up with those blogs that they read.

What does this have to do with my interest?

Well, first of all, my interest is different in the sense that I am more inclined towards things that smell of moolah. Things that sound like ka-ching and cash registers. Things that look greenish and have the RM signs on them. Okay, no wonder people associate me with salesman look when I first arrive at KTT. I am BORN with this inclination to seek out money, to find ways to succeed, to dig into the wide, infinite universe of the World Wide Web, to master the skills that those star Internet marketers millionaire learned and applied to generate their first million dollars online.

Do you even know people become millionaires, solely utilising the power of Internet alone?

I bet 9 out of 10 do not. I am not even talking about earning from blogs, though it might be a good source of income for those professional bloggers (think Kenny Sia. Oh he is from Kuching by the way). I am talking about the massive Internet goldmine of affiliate marketing, eBay, online business stores, Google Adsense, internet marketing, digital information products, list building, traffic building, search engine optimisation.. The list goes on. I bet you do not even know half the terms I mentioned.

When I first got to know of the riches the Internet holds in Form 2, I was mesmerised and captivated by the prospect. Thus began my quest for that elusive first dollar online. The journey has been hard, and I decided to quit, only to have that interest revived a few years later on. When I first started, I got entangled in a web of confusion and wasted time on fruitless endeavours. Now that I am older and more matured, coupled with the knowledge and experience painstakingly built from the years I spent online, I tread the exciting path of building an internet business again.

The main stumbling block I had was the fact that I had no source of capital to start a business. Now that I have some money, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel again.

I finally realised that I am born with an inherent desire to succeed, genetically wired to pursue that first million online, to get fabulously rich. After that I have no idea what to do with all the money. Donate it, perhaps?

This is why, I declare that my interest is totally different from others. I may like things typical teenagers like, for example, music, movies and so on, but deep down in the inner chamber of my soul, I crave success like my life depended on it.

I know, this might create the negative image of me being a money-faced person, seeking only material gains. Though I desire that riches, but I by no means intend to hoard them. I am a very generous person with an innate desire to help people too. (lol, thick-faced) Seriously though, wanting to succeed does not equate to being selfish and money-faced. People can be kedekut when they are poor, likewise, some wealthy people are extremely generous.

And so ends my rhetoric. This is exactly why, when people ask “Why do I always see you go online? So busy arh?” I always have to take a deep breath and just smile. For me, keeping the secret is better than boasting about it.

Especially when that elusive first dollar has always seem to be so far away. I am still pathetically trying.

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