Pain. A word that describes a feeling that can neither be dulled nor sharpened. It is, to some people, an experience of life.

For me, pain had always been a big part of my life. And I suspect it will continue to be. I think God uses pain to mold me into the person He intended me to be.

Pain of rejection, of unrequited love, had always been that big, ugly wound in my soul. It had at times festered and harboured illnesses and sin that brought guilt and regret. Even now, pain never really left me.

I had by now, embraced it like an old friend. It brought much tears, and yet it led me down the path of much wisdom and understanding.

Pain, that constricting, suffocating tendril.

Pain, that stabbing knife that cuts dreams apart.

But God takes away the hurt, in His time. I trust He will, for this time too. And when that time comes, I hope I will be able to read this, and smile again.

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