Perfumes and scents

I have a thing with scents. Cannot really explain why. I doubt there is anyone who does not like the whiff of something he or she subconsciously likes. They trigger your floodgates of emotions, unleashing an unexplainable torrent of feelings you either want to ignore or be drowned in.

I cannot quite put a finger on the very distinct scent I like. It defies words. The only things that comes to mind when I smell it is of a serene, tranquil picture, a faraway meadow with clear blue sky and a sea of daffodils reflecting the sunlight. Perhaps I have a thing for scented flowers. Yet let me assure you I am not a weird guy who likes scented flowers. Research has proven certain flowers produce  chemical substance that gives off wonderful scents and triggers certain parts of your brain.

Then again, what kind of smell I like also depends on my mood. Sometimes another type of scent invokes shades of red in my mind – velvet red curtains and scented candles and rose petals-strewn beds. Let me stop here, you get the picture. That intoxicating scent that can send your heart into overdrive. I cannot remember the last time I felt this way – most often than not I catch the whiff from some unknown lady passing by or some close female friends. Lest I should sound like a pervert, let me just say I only know the scent when I smell it. I could not describe it in 100 years even if I wanted to.

With the advent of the term ‘metrosexual’ which almost exclusively applies to men, many a self-conscious macho guys now use perfumes to appear sophisticated and lets people look at them in a whole new different light. As in manly yet sensitive. Fortunately I have yet to come across many of these. Otherwise I would get caught up and start spraying stuff on myself, which I doubt has any benefits anyway unless it is for a special occasion.

What makes me wonder, though, is why some girls do not like perfume. Hmm. Anyone care to enlighten me?

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