Post exam cry of freedom

Yes, mid-semester examination is finally over. KTT-ians go back to their homes in droves, leaving the college deserted save a few lonely souls. I am going back to Kuching tomorrow.

The exam was over in the blink of an eye. Somehow it feels easier to cruise through compared to mid-semester exam for AS level. I guess that it has to do with the core syllabus being shorter than AS materials, albeit the fact that it is ‘ 3 times as difficult as AS ‘ as Mr. Zaini puts it.

Speaking of which, the Advances Subsidiary results came out. It was a moment of great anxiety and fear as we walked towards to glass panel on which the results are posted. As I checked the list for my IC number, my mind was blank. Imagine the sheer relief to see my results are, well, good. Thank God. Overdramatic description? Well, picture this: the placement procedure will be based upon how well we do in our AS. For us Czech Republic bound, the scenario is quite a daunting one: we have to go through an interview and an entrance exam, on top of acing A2 in order to qualify going overseas like everybody else. Never mind the fact that we have entrance exam; the interview prospect already drains half the courage from even the most eloquent of speakers in our group. Failing the entrance exam means we would be dropped off the list from Czech-bound group and rerouted instead to other countries, say, Indonesia. Passing the entrance exam but failing the interview would land us in the same pathetic situation.

Long story cut short: we shall have a hell of a semester waiting for us once Chinese New Year break is over.

We could not afford to fool around last year, and for 3 months everybody toiled and grinded their noses off in order to scrape up good results. Now that the results are out, we have to wait for placement into our respective universities. Failing the entrance exam and interview means we cannot try the entrance exam for another university – failing ONCE is the end of it. Imagine the horror. No second chances. Plus the fact that once we know which university we are heading to, we would realise the revelation that the remaining few months might just well be the last few months we are going to be together, at least for those who are placed in different universities.

Trials and tribulations – they are part of life. We can only do so much, the rest is up to powers beyond our control.

I am not going to think about the hardships ahead for the time being, anyway. Hoping that I could enjoy this last stretch of holidays before the arduous task ahead.

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