Post Exam Limbo

The past week had been pretty uneventful, except for the fact that we had our first exam. Thank goodness it was only an internal mid semester exam. Yet, I felt a little apprehensive and doubt that I could do well. First paper was Biology, followed by Chemistry and Physics. The tests took place over the course of 3 days, with 1 paper on each day. Interesting point to note: since we’re in the SAP (super accelerated programme, LOL I made the term up myself :P) we had to take the exam at night. Ain’t that cool or what.

Bio was okay.. Chemistry was challenging but I guess I can survive it.. the acid test came the day Physics was tested. We were told the exam would only cover until Dynamics, as far as Newton’s Laws of Motion. Out came crap like conservation of momentum and definitions of the laws where we had to explain all sorts of bloody crap and draw up equations. What la weih, our lectureres haven’t even reached there.. ==” not putting high hopes on the subject. Bluek. Sidenote: Kian Joo thinks he can’t do well in any of the subjects. He asked me to type this sentence because he’s right behind me now. =_=

I was pretty excited when my sister’s graduation day drew near, but too bad I can’t attend it. My parents came over from Sarawak, so I got the chance to go to KL on Friday. Such a short time spent with family, but very well worth it. Missed 2 days of revision but I think I can compensate for it in these couple of days. Lagging far too behind compared to the rest of my group. Swt la.. they’re so chiong and si beh rajin.. what the.. omgwtfbbq.. I shall not compare with them. Beating my own self is the ultimate aim. Wahaha..

Speaking of which, I think my English standard is deteriorating, slowly but surely. Notice how much my English changed especially the way I blog? Maybe its not so obvious because I talk crap when I blog. I’m afraid I couldn’t produce high-quality essays with bombastic and fantastic words peppered with good prose when the time calls for it – the IELTS exam next year. Swt.. I can’t think in abstract terms and come up with flowery, chim chim stuff anymore. ARghhhHHH. Stewpid. Blame it on A-levels. 8D

Gah. Nothing much to say.. That’s it for now.

p.s. I MISS SARAWAK LAKSA!!!!!!!!!!!
p.s.s I MISS MY SARAWAK FRIENDS!!! If you’re reading this, you know who you are. =)

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