Last week had been such a fun week. I signed up for the winter skiing course and went to Poc ped Snezkou with some friends, along with a whole busload of Czech students. The place is 3 hours from Prague by bus, and the town is cradled on all sides by the mountain ranges bordering Poland called Krokonose or Giant Mountains. They’re no Alps, but the feeling is definitely there. Think white mountain slopes and evergreen fir trees. Yeap.

We rented the ski equipment, which consisted of a pair of boots, skis and sticks. I tried on the skis for the first time in my life. I had no idea the ski boots are so freakin’ heavy. First day of learning was kinda awful, as we kept slipping and falling. The feeling is hard to describe – it feels like slipping on ice and you will panic when you are moving and you cannot stop it. I fell down countless times, and almost gave up and thought that I am just not cut out for skiing – luckily I just held on and pushed forwards. The teacher was really nice and patient with us as well.

The next day was a bit better as we learned to control speed and how to stop. We also learned how to change direction and turn. So after we have mastered the basic navigational skills, it was time to go to the beginner’s slope. In retrospect, that place was really easy. It was really fun to go down the slope with the rushing icy wind in your face. We even tried some crazy stuff like skiing down in pairs while holding hands, synchronizing in groups, and the ‘caterpillar’ thing (which I did not try because it looks funny).

We  also went to another slope which was slightly longer and steeper. It was an adrenaline-filled experience, trying not to fall and maintain balance while speeding downhill. Really unforgettable experience. On the last day, some of the people went with the advanced Czech students to the ‘proper’ slopes – the main slopes which are graded according to their level of steepness and difficulty. I did not go because I forgot to bring my insurance card and I did not want to risk it. The slopes looked really steep and dangerous for us beginners. Yet, from the accounts of my friends who went there and “survived”, they said the experience was amazing. Now I kinda regret for not joining them. Maybe next time I will attempt the REAL slopes and show off to people that I can ski.

In short, it was a really worthwhile experience. Maybe next year I will go again, if I have the time.

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