Ta-daa! New theme installed

I was very free today, so figured that I should change my blog theme (again). Anyway, theme is the term WordPress uses, it is the same as what they call “template” or “layout” in other vastly overrated and limited blog platforms.

I figured I should build up my blog profile and increase its PR. Adding my blog to directories and building backlinks like crazy. I know this will probably make a lot of people go ‘Huh?” lol I doubt many people understand SEO lingo anyway, unless they are actively involved in blogging as a side-income. Hopefully my effort pays off in terms of PR increase and potential revenue. More on that later, if I succeed. I might even write a simple PDF guide and give it out for free to anyone who wants to dabble in this.

Went out to settle some insurance stuff today – but alas, VZP’s computer system is down. At first I thought we needed a separate sports insurance to cover our injuries (God willing there will not be any) during the skiing course. Then we went to the bank and asked whether they provide the insurance. Thank God the officer told me we do not have to buy another coverage since our current one is enough.

Well.. that’s about it for today. Just another uneventful day I guess.

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