Bluecoins App Review – Best Android Expense Tracker App

In my journey of learning about managing my own finances, I learned that recording my transactions is important to gauge my spending pattern. Apps have played a rather important role by helping me record everything I spend on. 

I have used so many expense tracking app over the years but none have withstood the test of time as Bluecoins. 

Bluecoins App Review

I have used Bluecoins since April this year and boy, am I blown away by the sheer functionalities it provides.

Before I settled on this app, I have tried many other apps but none could satisfy my requirements. I wanted something that can

  • Input daily transactions
  • Record my assets and liabilities
  • Budget according to categories 

Previously, the apps that I've tried either has one but not the other functionalities so it's pretty frustrating. Bluecoins ties everything together nicely in a small, lightweight package.

The user interface is easy to get used to. The main tab functions as your dashboard which gives you a quick, bird's eye view of your transactions and your monthly spending so far. Best of all , you can edit the kind of information you want to be displayed.

It's the granularity of the information and the freedom Bluecoins provides that made me fall in love with the app. I can choose not to display certain categories in the total calculation to avoid confusing myself and wondering where some of my money went to.

Best Android Expense Tracking App out there thus far

My verdict is this: Bluecoins is the one app you shouldn't skimp on if you're serious about having your finances under control. 

That being said, it takes a modicum of discipline to actually develop the habit of keying in every single transaction you made. Once the habit develops, it becomes almost second nature to record whatever you do with your money into the app.