Tears and rain

I remember this highly emotional song from James Blunt. I used to listen to it whenever I feel the blues because the lyrics are so in tune and you feel your soul flowing along the soothing albeit sad river of tunes. It was a very wrong sort of bliss where you escape and try to soak yourself in a bad, bad dream that you wish you would never wake up from because it would not make much difference anyway, being awake and asleep.

Get what I mean? Never mind.

Last night, torrents of rain washed out the foul scent from the air and people woke up to fresh, cool air after what seemed like ages of choking haze. The news reported that it was actually man-made, apparently using the latest flare technology from the US. Cloud-seeding is not new in Sarawak. It does exactly that – encourage formation of clouds. I guess it was a wee bit too effective, judging from the extent of heavy rain last night.

Yet today, a sort of gloomy weather hangs over the city. Looks like it is about to rain, with the air being cool and moist and thunder rumbling in the distance. I hate this weather. Brings up all sort of sad feelings inside me. I wonder why bad weather makes me feel this way.

Gah. Wish the clouds will get it over and be done soon. I feel like they are gloating and taunting me, deliberately not letting the water down and just hanging in the sky, letting me stew in my own dark world.

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