Twitter Mania! Are you twittering yet?

Everybody knows what Twitter is. If you have not heard of this phenomenon, then you probably were living in some stone cave somewhere in the Polynesia.

Twitter is a micro-blogging tool where you sign up and start sending out ‘tweets’ or short 140-character messages to your followers. Followers mean people who are on Twitter who, well, follows you and get instant updates whenever you send out a tweet.

This phenomenon took the social Web 2.0 world by storm and it does not look the momentum is going to die soon. Even big Fortune 500 companies have Twitter accounts and typically news and media Twitter accounts like New York Times are followed by tens of thousands of people worldwide. Can you imagine what it would be like for celebrities? Yeap, they have millions. Ryan Seacrest has 1,852,859 followers. Picture that.

Now, people might feel funny or see this whole Twittermania as pointless, time-wasting social media phenomenon. Fact: it IS a funny, pointless, stupid idea. Fact No. 2: and this idea has turned into an unprecedented cult status, rising to the ranks of social network giants like MySpace and Facebook.

If you ignore the fact that there are millions of people using Twitter to update tiny little details about their life, celebrities and big famous personalities like the Pope and Queen Rania of Jordan have used Twitter to astounding effects. Twitter redefined the way people connect and gives a really personal touch to Internet media. Now this tool is also being used with devastating, mind-numbing effect from the aspect of Internet marketing. Big companies and corporations add a special touch to their customer relationship via Twitter.

It will be soon before this social media tsunami hit Malaysia. Already there are many who have caught up with this Twittermania, e.g. JJ from (food for thought: Najib on Twitter? Wow, his account will explode. Twitter will probably crash for 2 days.)

So, have you started Twittering yet?

p.s. I joined Twitter for 3 months, have 210 followers already. I have absolutely no idea who they are. But it is extremely fun. :P

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