Updates galore!

Not much of galore, now that I think of it. Since my last update, life has been busy. Most of my days were occupied with constant revision, study, revision, eat, sleep, study, and pretty much nothing else.

Occasionally we would go jog together and go up a nearby hill with a huge water tank on top. Then we would climb it, even though its a prohibited place (government facility) with barbed wires and locked gates and the whole shebang. We had lots of fun time up there together, with the wind in our faces and the sense of achievement filling our hearts, feeling adventurous and mischievious at the same time. Lol 8D

I really need to post a huge, one-time post about our ‘adventures’ here. Priceless memories..

Nothing much to say.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we’re having exam. Pre-AS. It is a preparatory exam for us, prepping us for the real big mad thing next month. It’s still not over yet, but the bulk of the difficult papers have passed. Luckily they weren’t that hard. Slowly catching up with the pace.. o.O

And I learnt not to compete with others. Here, where everyone is as good or as bad as you are, to compete is tantamount to putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. The only one I need to beat is myself. I’m thankful enough if I can pass AS level with 3A’s and get a good placement in Czech Republic.

No need compete. No need compete. No need compete.. I have a dear friend to thank for hammering that message into my head. 8D

Looking forward to Wednesday. I’ll go to my sister’s place and stay for a few days before coming back. Precious few days, a treasured holiday of sorts from this… place.

Till then, c ya..

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