Water problems again?

Here I am, unable to make up my mind on whether I should go back to college. Rumours has it that there is some sort of water shortage problem (again).

These few days have been sort of a holiday for me. Thought of wanting to wind down and relax for a bit after the hell-ish sort of days during the entrance exam. Kian Joo lent me his laptop so I am glued practically 24 hours to the screen. Really want to enjoy the freedom as much as I can before going back to the wilderness.

Went to Klang to look for my brother yesterday. We ate a lot (seafood, satay, bak kut teh) and managed to catch a movie. Wolverine is so awesome. I watched it twice already, the first being unsatisfactory owing to the fact that we (me and my friends) watched a pirated DVD version and it was kind of screwed up with lots of CGI scenes uncompleted, sort of like they have not put up the finishing touches (so instead of seeing Logan flying away after being hit with the truck, we saw a grey computer dummy image doing some sort of fake somersault). The real deal is much better.

Bought two books at MPH. I finally found Guitar for Dummies. I have been looking for it for ages. Finally I can really start learning guitar properly. Sometimes it is really amazing how He knows what I am looking for. Even before I pray for it, out pops the exact thing that I want. It has happened so many times that I have lost count. Then there was this time I wanted to find a book on leadership from a different aspect, specifically, leadership as how the Prince of Life would lead. Guess what? Voila, found an excellent book with exactly the kind of content I wanted.

Amazing, no? Sometimes the world is so messy and cluttered that you forget how to stand still and listen. When everything else becomes a blur, when the inner peace engulfs you in the flame of calling out to the heavenly glory, those little things that you hear really reminds you how He is so real.

I have been reading this book called “I Kiss Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris. Still have not managed to finish it though. So far, the content is really good and interesting. I find myself agreeing and committing to doing what the book teaches. You might think it is some sort of lame, cheesy chick flick but surprise,surprise, it is actually a motivational book that teaches why we should avoid dating and how to fully utilise our singleness to a better use. Marvelous read.

1 more month left until our programme is over. In 3 more weeks, we would bid goodbye to the isolated college. 1 year passes quickly. Time flies, and the good times we share remain as mere memories.

Okay, being emo now. Better put the brakes on. There is still the final examination (A2) in 3 weeks and I have yet to start revising.

Running out of ideas. Next update might be in 3 weeks when everything is over (and emo-ness starts its reign in me).

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